Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J gets primary custody of daughter with Joseline Hernandez

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The court has ruled that Stevie J will keep primary custody of Bonnie Bella through 2020. Pic credit: @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

A family court judge has decided that Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will be the primary custodial parent of Bonnie Bella — the daughter he shares with Joseline Hernandez — until at least early 2020.

According to BOSSIP, the judge has ordered Stevie J and Joseline to attend mediation to possibly settle the matter.

Joseline will get visitation of the almost three-year-old girl and Stevie J no longer has to pay $1,000 per month in child support. Instead, each parent will bear the costs of the child when she is in their care.

Earlier this year, Stevie J sued Joseline for custody of Bonnie Bella. He claimed that Joseline ran off to Miami to live with a guy, and had prevented him from seeing the girl. He became worried about Bonnie’s health and safety due to the lack of access to his daughter.

Stevie J said that he had tried to see her, call her, and even face time her, but Joseline shut him down and “denied his requests over an extensive period,” according to court papers. He also argued that he was more financially and emotionally stable and Stevie requested that Joseline pay legal fees and child support.

Joseline said that she was able to support Bonnie, even though her income had decreased. She also said that she was a great mom and, if anything, her child support from him should increase. Joseline said that she had complied with the terms of their custody order and never kept Bonnie from her father.

Joseline went on to say that he was mom-shaming and called the lawsuit a “frivolous action to take the child from the only home the child has known.” She also denied that she ran off to Miami to live with a guy.

The pair is due back in court in February 2020 for the final judgment.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta airs on VH1.

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