Louie Anderson’s heart-wrenching reading with Long Island Medium, TLC show preview

Louie Anderson with medium
Louie Anderson loves his big family very much and was very emotional with Theresa. Pic credit: TLC

Tonight, fans of Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo are in for an emotional read.

The famous medium is going to read Emmy award-winning star Louie Anderson, who wrapped a brilliant run as Christine Baskets for FX on Baskets.

Season 9 on TLC for Long Island Medium has moved to Friday nights now and Ms. Caputo will once again help people connect with deceased loved ones through her compassionate reads and her truly gifted ability to connect with departed souls.

This season we will see also see Tatum O’Neal, Wayne Brady, Michael Fishman, and Bronson Pinchot, who are set to sit down with the medium and find out what closure or energy surrounds them. Perhaps answer some questions as well.

Fans of Louie Anderson know that the star has penned books and based much of his stand-up and career on the history of his life. He has written about having a difficult father, a mother who really inspired him for his Christine Baskets characters, and he has revealed his sorrow about his younger brother Tommy Anderson, who passed in 2016.

In a previous interview with E! Daily Pop, Ms. Caputo said:

“People ask me all the time: ‘Who is your favorite celebrity? What is your most memorable reading?’…”It helps them so how can you say which reading was better? What I found interesting about the celebrities, they were so different this year. Each reading was so different. They are all different but things that I never had before. Taylor Dayne’s experience was so unique. Wayne Brady was amazing. Louie Anderson was so emotional. The things that came out, even I was like what?! I get shocked every single time I channel spirit. Every single time.”

Make sure to tune in tonight, as the full read for Louie Anderson will undoubtedly cover many moments you won’t want to miss. Anderson is very family-oriented on his social media and frequently posts pictures of his large family from Minnesota.

In his read, he shared that his father was 50 when Louie was born. He had a stroke and died in 1979. Theresa tells him how his father relayed to his mother appreciation for how she kept the family together.

She blows him away, as well, with a vision of a tie, which is one of Rodney Dangerfield’s ties that was given to Louie but that he told no one about.

“I hope Rodney is okay because he was in a coma for a long time,” says Louie.

Bring tissues tonight, as Louie’s moment will get you in the feels.

Long Island Medium airs Friday night at 9 p.m on TLC

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