Londynn B: Who is the Rhythm + Flow rapper who impressed Atlanta?

Londynn B from Rhythm + Flow
Londynn B from Rhythm + Flow. Pic credit: Netflix

This week Netflix dropped a reality competition series in the vein of American Idol but for aspiring rappers called Rhythm + Flow. The first four episodes had breakout talents such as Rae Khalil. However, another female rapper shook up the Atlanta judges and her name is Londynn B.

From teenage pregnancy to being a stripper, London B of Rhythm + Flow finally found a place for her voice. She’s setting an incredible example for her daughter and she found the love and acceptance she wanted with her girlfriend.

Londynn B of Rhythm + Flow, who slayed the auditions both, with the lyrics and with the beat, has only begun on her journey, and fans are anxious to see where it takes her.

Her unique sound is definitely worth listening to, but so is her voice because she definitely has something to say.

But who is the breakout artist of Rhythm + Flow? Here is everything to know about Londynn B, the rapper who brought the house down in Atlanta.

Who is Londynn B from Rhythm + Flow?

She of the big voice and even bigger strong attitude was not always a musician. How did she get interested in a future in music? In the above interview, she told DJ Smallz Eyes 2 that it happened when, “I used to be a barber, I used to cut hair.”

She goes on to say that having a job with a standard schedule just wasn’t for her and looking at where she is now, you can see that she was meant to do something besides stand behind a chair. She is “a huge believer in teaching yourself,” and that attitude shows in everything she does.

In an interview with The Progress Report (seen in the video below), she explains having a daughter left her terrified but determined to raise her right. Desperate to provide for her daughter, yet knowing she wouldn’t be able to do it the stereotypical way, Londynn B says “I became an entrepreneur.”

And that spirit translated into her own daughter, who took that spirit and began her own business even at 7 years old. Londynn B goes on to explain that she believes, “It’s really important to teach your children the value of being themselves…the value of their creativity.” And she puts this idea into action in everything she does.

More about Londynn B from Rhythm + Flow

It’s easy to see why she is so determined to be a good mom when you look at her own childhood which was definitely not an easy one. Speaking to DJ Smallz Eyes 2 she says that she has no memories really of her father, not in jail and that she doesn’t know exactly why he’s in there.

In spite of this, it’s obvious she has a lot of respect for her father, who even from jail attempts to communicate and have a genuine relationship with his daughter, a relationship it’s clear she treasures. She is also very close to her mom who raised 5 kids completely by herself and her grandparents who were also very purposeful with her, and her father is also very intentional with both his daughter and his granddaughter.

It’s easy to see she is family-oriented while also being a fiercely independent creative soul which makes everything she does a delightful spin on life- seeing the hard side, yet knowing you are who you are because of it.


Londynn B from Rhythm + Flow: Where can you find her music?

Her fans, who call themselves Londies, very clearly adore her for a reason and her Instagram proves that she adores them right back, even occasionally singing covers of songs they ask for. Her new album Reset can be found alongside her singles Go Off and Shooterz on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Her can-do attitude with a side of sass makes it clear why people are in love with her music. Londynn is very clearly doing what she set out to do, changing the world for her daughter, and anyone else listening to her music.

Rhythm + Flow is now streaming on Netflix.

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