Logan is NOT the father: ‘Bullseye’ on Kirk Frost over Jasmine Washington’s baby on LHHATL

Kirk Frost shouts at the crew Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale
Kirk Frost flips out on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale after being pressured over taking a DNA test

Jasmine Washington’s ex Logan Bullard is NOT the father of her son Kannon, DNA tests have officially confirmed — meaning the “bullseye” is now firmly on Kirk Frost, according to his wife Rasheeda.

The bombshell was revealed on last night’s season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta after Jasmine sent the DNA results to Rasheeda.

They showed the results of the test and concluded: “Logan Bullard is NOT the biological father.”

Rasheeda looking upset on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Rasheeda after reading the DNA results which showed Jasmine’s ex Logan is not the father of her child

Rasheeda said the news all but confirmed for her that Kirk, who she married back in 1999, IS the father.

Rasheeda said after reading out the results: “The bottom line is Mr. Kirk. Real talk.” She added, looking distraught: “It’s a wrap, for me.”

She said afterwards in an interview with producers: “Logan is not the father, which puts the bullseye on Kirk’s back.”

The revelation came in an episode which saw Kirk totally flip out after Rasheeda’s mom Shirleen continued to press him about having his own DNA test.

Not only did he totally freak out at her, but also at the show’s producers. He yelled as he stood overlooking the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cameras and crew: “Stop asking me the same s***. Y’all putting that s*** in her brain!

“I don’t give a f*** — Love & Hip Hop? F*** this s***. Y’all got to stop doing that s***. Y’all think this s*** is funny. Everybody….the ratings. Stop f****** up my f******* family!

It has been reported that Kirk finally did take a paternity test and the results — which it’s claimed show he definitively is the father of Jasmine’s child — will be revealed on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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