LIVE’s Mark Consuelos worries he’s getting canceled from the show

Mark Consuelos at a random event.
Mark Consueloes worried if he would get cancelled after a bizarre Stump Mark. Pic credit: ©

Live with Kelly and Mark hasn’t been the same since Mark Consuelos became a full-time co-host.

In addition to bringing sports talk to the popular daytime talk show, the trivia contest has morphed into a Stump Mark competition.

Mark, who loves that more men are watching, told the LIVE crew that he will continue to be himself, which means sharing his love of sports and playing Stump Mark, as Monsters and Critics reported.

Recently, a Stump Mark segment had Mark second-guessing himself and how long he will remain on the show.

Mark already keeps a record of his win/lose stats and gets upset when he loses, even to the point of walking off the set.

An interaction with a guest took a bizarre turn, and Mark wondered if this was it for him. He seemingly realized it was getting out of hand and questioned himself.

Mark asked Kelly if ‘Today is the day?’ it is all over for him

Kelly Ripa looked at the audience before announcing the Stump Mark segment, calling them “bloodthirsty.”

Then Mark introduced the contestant, Sarah Gafgen, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She stated that she delivers singing telegrams and that her cats are named after Greek characters. One is a lie. Mark’s job is to figure out the truth.

He immediately asked her to sing a telegram about Kelly’s broken hip. Much to Kelly’s horror, by the look on her face, Sarah began, “Pardon me, Kelly, but your hip’s broken, and that’s too bad…Feel better…love, Mark.”

He then asked her to sing about her dead cat. “I’m sorry your cat is dead,” Mark sang. The contestant refused the bizarre request.

Mark looked at Kelly and said, “Is today the day? Is today the day I get canceled?”

“No, that’s not going to do it,” Kelly had to reassure the unnerved Mark.

Ultimately, Mark kept his winning streak going and won the segment.

Kelly shares cute snaps of her dogs for National Puppy Day

Mark and Kelly have two cute pups, Chewie and Lena, and the couple could not let National Puppy Day go by without sharing some cute photos.

Kelly captioned the post, “Forever puppy love with these two…Happy #NationalPuppyDay to Lena, Chewie, and all your pups out there…”

In one photo, Kelly and Mark are in bed with their puppies, all looking comfy.

Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her dogs for National Puppy Day.
Kelly Ripa shared a photo with her dogs and Mark Consuelos. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

In another photo, Kelly shared a cute snap of the dogs and Mark Consuelos.

Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her dogs and Mark Consuelos.
Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her dogs with Mark Consuelos. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

National Puppy Day was March 23 and aims to promote pet adoptions from local shelters.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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K Spenccer
K Spenccer
24 days ago

Mark being fired would be wonderful but even better if “Live” were simply cancelled.

22 days ago
Reply to  K Spenccer

K Spencer I don’t know who peed in your wheaties! But you’re a dork. Maybe it’s your age? You must have a stick up your butt? I think their show is great, my husband and I watch it together every weekday.

Harry schmo
Harry schmo
23 days ago

He could be a little angerd hes an aries. But he never is and his antics are fun ! He’s still perfect for the show I think he’s great . Is he paid as much as Kelly? It’s a girl reverse that kelly is making more !!