LIVE’s Mark Consuelos explains his new look that has him in the hot seat with fans

Mark Consuelos at a random event
Mark Consuelos offered an explanation about his new haircut after fans reacted negatively. Pic credit: © StarMaxWorldwide

Mark Consuelos has been living his best life lately, from co-hosting Live with Kelly and Mark to vacations, and, in exciting news, he has revealed other acting roles.

Kelly Ripa was on an extended break from filming LIVE with Mark and shared a photo on social media that clearly showed her husband had changed his looks.

Fans expressed dismay over this significant change to Mark’s looks, especially since Kelly had begged him on LIVE to go in a completely different direction.

Summer is a slower time for Kelly and Mark, and they take longer breaks from filming. This allows them to try out new looks or just let things go a bit since they are not in front of a camera every day.

This fact does not stop fans from commenting on their surprise when Kelly or Mark shares something as drastic as Mark did recently.

As Monsters and Critics reported, fans did not like how drastically Mark changed his hair, but now he has given an update on why he did it.

Mark reveals the reason why he cut his hair so short

As soon as Kelly and Mark returned with live shows, Mark let on that he heard about the fans’ reactions on social media when he said, “Do not adjust your TV screens. Yes, I got my hair cut!”

“It’s like a chinchilla,” he said as Kelly could not stop rubbing his head. She had asked him to grow it out for the summer, but sadly, it was not to be, and the reason why is valid.

Mark shared that he had to shoot a pilot in Atlanta, which required a short haircut. This pilot show is so secretive that he refuses to update Kelly on what he has shot each day he revealed during the host chat.

The clip was shared by the LIVE team on Instagram.

Mark has been doing voice jobs lately, including a public service short ahead of Independence Day. It will be exciting to see if the pilot he shot in Atlanta gets picked up.

What will that do to his co-hosting job with Kelly? Indeed, a new show will eat into his already busy schedule.

What have Kelly and Mark been up to lately?

Live with Kelly had Mark had a more extended hiatus than usual, with two weeks of recycled interviews.

This week offers new shows, with the last two being “previously recorded” but with new content.

The duo started their vacation in Atlanta, where Mark revealed he was shooting his pilot, and ended with them in a new vacation spot.

Kelly and Mark have just returned from a first-time trip to Geneva, Switzerland, and Mark shared a great photo on his Instagram.

He certainly looks like he had a great time with Kelly on vacation.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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