Live Free or Die: Tony and Amelia are buzzing

Live Free or Die
Live Free or Die – Amelia was brought up with an unconventional lifestyle

Tonight on Live Free or Die, Tony and Amelia get to grips with their bees whilst Thorn and Tobias sort out camp.

Tony and Amelia keep a number of animals on their small farm from chickens to rabbits and are always looking for new ways to make it more productive.

Bees provide a useful pollination function as well as being a resource, with a couple of hives being able to produce 50 jars of honey over July and August.

However, caring for bees can be tricky and they are sensitive to change in their environment and require some looking after.

The couple’s property in the Blue Ridge Mountains is only one acre and mostly on steep ground but they have turned it into a productive patch.

Amelia shows how to make pickled eggs

The series tracks a group of so called “re-wilders” who aim to get back to the simple life. Using just what nature provides and their own skills they build their own dwellings and grow their own food.

This subculture is growing and members often trade their produce and help each other out.

Catch up with Live Free or Die Mondays 10/9c on National Geographic Channel.

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