Little Women: LA Season 8 in production?

Tonya Banks is back for Season 8 of Little Women: LA
Tonya Banks on Little Women: LA. Pic credit: Lifetime

Tonya Banks is currently in production on an unidentified project.

Mayhem Entertainment, who represent Tonya, said shooting was already under way.

It is not certain if production is for Little Women: LA as a rep for Kinetic Content, the production company behind the franchise, could not confirm filming.

We know fans are hopeful for the return of another season of Little Women: LA, but it looks like we will have to wait for confirmation from Lifetime.

Season 7 of the hit show ended back in July with Tonya’s girls’ trip to Las Vegas in an effort to talk her daughter into not moving away.

If the series does return, we’ll likely get some follow up on that and learn whether she moved out and how that’s worked out. There’s also plenty more drama that needs to be dealt with too.

Don’t forget that Tonya and Terra’s separate wine ventures and the friction that caused. Terra’s suggestion that Tonya be the face of Black Girl Moscato was a turning point in their friendship, and could be the crack in their friendship that never heals.

Meanwhile, Tonya Banks released her own L’Tonya Renee red wine blend that is getting quite a bit of buzz.

As far as when Little Women: LA will be back for Season 8, if it does indeed return, there’s really no way to guess based on premiere dates of past seasons. However, it would likely be in 2019 or beyond.

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