Little Women: LA finale exclusive: Terra Jole and Tonya Banks argue about Black Girl Moscato one more time

Terra Jole on Little Women: LA
Terra Jole spars with Tonya Banks on the Little Women: LA finale

Season 7 of Little Women: LA is coming to an end but not before one more bout of Black Girl Moscato fireworks. In this exclusive clip from the finale, Terra and Tanya are back at it, arguing about their wine ventures and neither one is backing down.

Now, Terra is asking Tonya to support her Mini Mama wine brand but Tonya isn’t feeling it. It turns out that the launch party for Terra’s latest venture is going to be a joint party with the women behind Black Girl Moscato.

Tonya still isn’t interested in being around or having anything to do with Black Girl Moscato because she finds the whole idea to be offensive. That means she doesn’t want to be at this launch party for it either.

Terra Jole on Little Women: LA
Terra Jole spars with Tonya Banks on the Little Women: LA finale

That doesn’t sit well with Terra, who says she has supported every business idea that Tonya has ever had. She even cited that she bought multiple workout outfits and bottles of wine from Tonya and that all she wants is for her “friend” to support her too.

Terra took aim at Tonya and Christy for “chuckling” about her. When Christy tried to interject, Terra told her, “Look, I really don’t give a f**k what you have to say about this. This is between Tonya and I.”

Tonya made it clear that she will support Mini Mama and that she always wants to support her friend but she just can’t go to that launch party. Terra doesn’t seem to understand that and instead, explains in a Little Women: LA confessional that she wants Tonya’s support “without rules.”

Terra was also quick to remind Tonya that she wanted to do a wine launch together with her and not with the other friend but that Tonya said no. Does that mean Tonya should suck it up and support Terra even though the offensive wine brand will be represented at the party too?

As Season 7 of Little Women: LA winds down, it looks like Terra and Tonya’s friendship is doing the same.

Little Women: LA airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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