Little Women LA exclusive: Tonya needs to find her ‘Happy Place’ when it comes to Mika

Tonya Banks on Little Women: LA
Will Tonya enjoy “The Happy Place’ if Mika is there?

Tonya Banks is still mad at Mika Winkler on Little Women: La this week — and their drama is threatening to wreck everything at “The Happy Place”. Yes, that’s a real place and Jasmine Arteaga-Ortiz wants to take the cast on a trip there.

When she’s telling Tonya about the group plans in our exclusive sneak peek, the mere mention of Mika’s name is a total mood changer.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when the women do meet up for a group outing, Tonya still isn’t interested in squashing her beef with Mika. Even when Mika takes Terra’s advice and says she’s sorry, Tonya is clearly not ready to hear it.

Tonya Banks on Little Women: LA
Will Tonya enjoy “The Happy Place” if Mika is there? It doesn’t look like it…

Thankfully (or not) Mika still has Terra to lean on. She even gets a little help from her friend as she works to build her own YouTube channel.

Uploading their own content to YouTube has become a popular way for a few reality stars to continue monetizing their content and Mika wants to get on that train. Too bad it doesn’t look like she’s done anything with her channel yet. On the other hand, Terra has been making and sharing videos to her “Mini Mama” channel and has 192,000 subscribers.

Meanwhile, also on this week’s episode, Christy McGinty Gibel doesn’t know how to let go when it comes to her daughter. Autumn McGinty has been asserting her independence now that she’s an adult, something Christy clearly is not ready for.

When Autumn decides she wants to go clubbing for the first time, that’s not what Christy wants to hear. Will she be able to loosen the reigns and let Autumn have a fun night out?

As usual, the ladies of Little Women: LA are bringing the drama. Be sure to tune in and see if Tonya and Mika can settle their differences or if Tonya refuses to let her anger go even after Mika’s apology.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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