Little Women: LA exclusive: Tonya kicks Christy out after her apology was rejected at Jasmine’s vow renewal

Tonya Banks on Little Women LA
Tonya sees Christy at her shoot and takes the opportunity to throw her out. Pic credit: Lifetime

One of the most shocking moments on this season of Little Women: LA happened when Tonya pushed Christy in the pool at Jasmine’s hen party. Christy was fuming mad and even chased Tonya down as her castmate took off.

After the shocking scene played out, Tonya was apologetic for the dramatic pool push and tried at least twice to say she was sorry to Christy but she wasn’t having it. Now, it looks like Tonya isn’t feeling so sorry anymore when she has the upper hand.

As we see in our exclusive Little Women: LA sneak peek for this week’s new episode, everyone is gathered at Jasmine’s house as Tonya prepares to shoot a commercial. When Tonya presents herself to the group, she’s all smiles. That smile fades fast though when she spots Christy sitting right in the middle, on the couch.

“Christy, I’m surprised you’re here,” Tonya says as the expression on her face changes from amused to irritated.

Tonya Banks on Little Women LA
Tonya sees Christy at her shoot and takes the opportunity to throw her out. Pic credit: Lifetime

“Jasmine asked me to come,” Christy responds.

Jasmine confirmed that she did invite Christy to take part in this shoot and even told Tonya that she thought it would be fine. But it’s not fine and Tonya is upset that she wasn’t warned ahead of time that Christy would be hanging around.

After Tonya explains that she reached out and tried to apologize to Christy several times since the swimming pool incident took place, Christy responds. She tells Tonya that each time she tried to apologize was just not a good time. For example, the day after it all happened she was still way too angry and she also argues that Jasmine’s vow renewal was definitely not appropriate.

So when Terra and Mika finally break into the argument and ask Tonya what she wants to do so that they can get back to shooting the commercial, Tonya says that she wants Christy to leave.

“I would rather for you to leave and we talk about this another day,” Tonya says.

It’s not clear if this is her revenge on Christy for not letting her apologize sooner or if she really just wants to avoid drama during her commercial shoot. Either way, Christy is clearly upset but immediately gets herself together and walks out the door, instructing her daughter Autumn to stick around and help out.

At this point, Little Women: LA viewers are wondering if Tonya and Christy will ever be able to put the swimming pool drama and the events that led up to that behind them.

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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