Little Women LA exclusive: Tonya gets Mika back after the pee prank during a gossip session with Christy

Mika Aguilar hasn’t made a great impression on Tonya Banks. In fact, the newest addition to the Little Women: LA cast seems to be racking up enemies faster than she’s making friends. Now, she can count Christy Gibel out too after Tonya takes an opportunity to fill Christy in on some of the less than friendly comments Mika has made about her.

What should have been a fun trip to Solvang turned into a drama-filled catfight between the Little Women: LA stars. Tonya, who is understandably angry after Mika “pretend peed” in her drink, decided to continue said drama by making sure Christy knew everything awful that Mika said about her while they were out horseback riding.

Tonya Banks of Little Women: LA in the confessional
Tonya teams up with Christy after Mika insults them both on Little Women: LA

Christy was the only cast member who didn’t at least try to ride a horse in Solvang. After having just had cosmetic surgery, she was worried about a possible injury and opted to stay on the ground instead.

Leave it to Mika to make fun of Christy for not taking part in the activity that she chose. Rather than understand Christy’s health concerns, she decided to put her down for not riding and making fun of Christy’s weight.

Tonya wasted no time relaying what was said about her friend. She told Christy that Mika’s catty comments to her face were only a small portion of the smack talk that had been going on.

It’s easy to see why Christy was upset since she’s not exactly a big Mika fan either. She seemed really hurt to hear that Mika was commenting on her weight behind her back but is it really shocking?

Now that Christy knows how nasty Mika has been talking about her when she’s not around, a confrontation is in order. The Little Women: LA synopsis indicates that Christy’s anger is going to explode into a food fight as the group deals with one more major round of drama before heading home from Solvang.

Adding Mika Aguilar to Season 7 of Little Women: LA has definitely proved to amp up the drama. With Mika around, Tonya and Christy haven’t been able to just relax.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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