Little Women LA exclusive: Terra Jole loses her temper at kickball game

Terra Jole in the Little Women: LA confessional
Terra Jole loses it in an exclusive Little Women: LA clop

There is drama for the stars Little Women: LA this week during a group game of kickball. With some already upset about Mika Aguilar’s recent activity, things go way left after Terra Jole loses her temper and a fight breaks out.

The kickball game was arranged by Mika, who always wants the ladies to do things that are physical, just like the time she took them horseback riding. Yet again, it seems that some are upset about Mika’s choice of activity, but this time it’s all about the team name and whether it is offensive.

It isn’t until Terra is called out at second base by Christy’s husband, Todd, that the drama really heats up. Terra doesn’t think she should have been out and rather than chalk it up to playing a game, Terra loses her mind.

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Terra Jole in the Little Women: LA confessional
Terra Jole loses it in our exclusive Little Women: LA clip

Todd insists that Terra was thrown out but she’s not backing down. As the argument becomes more heated, it looks like this kickball game might turn into an all-out brawl.

You know things have gone too far when even Mika can’t believe how crazy things have become. She calls Terra out for being too competitive and for taking the kickball game way too seriously.

However, Terra thinks this is serious business and calls Todd out for cheating. She thinks that Christy’s husband isn’t playing fair because his daughter is on the other team and he wants to see her win.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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