Little Women LA exclusive: Terra Jole dishes on Season 8 drama, explains Grayson’s passport problems

Terra Jole answers questions about the new season of Little Women LA
Terra Jole talks to Monsters & Critics ahead of Little Women: LA Season 8. Pic credit: Lifetime

Over here at Monsters & Critics, we’re just as excited about Little Women: LA’s return for Season 8 as everyone else and ahead of the season premiere, we asked Terra Jole a few questions about what we can expect.

We also received some insight into Grayson’s passport problems that were highlighted on her YouTube channel.

Terra Jole was gracious enough to answer those questions for us in this exclusive Little Women: LA clip.

The first thing Terra pointed out is that we follow her on social media and to that we say, “Of course!” You too can follow Terra Jole on YouTube here to see tons of content that doesn’t make it onto the show.

We asked about the drama behind Grayson’s passport photo, something that was highlighted on YouTube. You can watch the struggle to get Grayson’s passport photo below to get an idea of what we were talking about.

It turns out that Grayson didn’t get to go on the Cancun trip but Terra teased that we’ll be seeing more about this debacle on Little Women: LA Season 8.

Our next question was about what to expect on the Lifetime series when the ladies return. According to Terra, the show will be high on drama this season and there will be a few secrets revealed that we have never seen or heard about before. That sounds like fun!

Check out our exclusive clip of Terra Jole below.

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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