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Little Women: LA exclusive – Mika stirs the pot with Terra, Christy was just an extra in secret Star Wars project

There’s been quite a bit of drama on this season of Little Women: LA surrounding Christy Gibel and a secret role that seems to be getting in the way of everything. This role was very important to Christy, but as more information leaks out, it’s becoming clear to the other women and to viewers that it wasn’t worth all the fuss.

In this exclusive Little Women: LA sneak peek, Mika reveals what she has learned about the super-secret Star Wars role. She has a friend working on the same project and while they aren’t supposed to be sharing information about it, Mika was told enough about Christy’s project to know that they shouldn’t have been moving party dates to accommodate her.

Mika on Little Women: LA
Mika causes even more chaos when she tells Terra that Christy’s role isn’t all that. Pic credit: Lifetime

“Umm…I’ve got some juice for you,” Mika tells Terra. “Umm yeah she told me flat out that it was extra work.”

“Who did?” Terra asks.

“Susanna,” Mika says.

Mika revealed that her friend, who is working on the same project as Christy, has been sharing what she could. And while she couldn’t say exactly what the project was, Mika did learn that the part Christy was so excited about wasn’t really a part at all.

According to Mika, those working on the secret project, which we’ve learned is a Star Wars TV show that should be coming up, were decked out in “full costume” but that they didn’t have any lines at all.

Now, Terra is upset because she feels like Christy lied about just how big (or small) her TV role actually was. While that wouldn’t normally really matter, Terra did change the date of Jasmine’s hen party to accommodate her, something she wouldn’t have done if she knew it wasn’t that big of a deal.

While Mika and Terra are busy sharing their upset over Christy’s role and how she lied about it, Terra says that she’s going to call her out on it. Of course, that will be perfectly fine with Mika, who loves to stir things up among the ladies. In fact, she wants Christy to apologize for making her role as an extra more important than her friends.

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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