Little Women LA engagement shock: Kerwin wants ring back from Tonya

Tonya and Kerwin on the Little Women: LA Season 7 premiere
Tonya and Kerwin on the Little Women: LA Season 7 premiere

Little Women: LA star Tonya Banks and fiancee Kerwin’s engagement could be off — after he asks for the ring back on the Season 7 premiere!

The couple got engaged on the Season 6 finale last year, but trouble was already afoot when the pair featured on last summer’s Little Women: Couples Retreat.

Now it looks like it could be all over for the pair, as they discuss ending their relationship on the new season premiere. During their conversation Kerwin makes it clear he thinks they should officially call off their engagement, then puts his hand out asking Tonya to return the ring.

Kerwin tells her: “You’re my angel and I would do anything to take care of y’all, but I’ve been thinking…when you got that ring on your finger it seemed like — even one of my friends told me, ‘it looked like she said yes to the ring instead of yes to you’. And you know, that’s a no-no for me.”

Kerwin on Little Women: LA Season 7 premiere
Kerwin holds out his hand and asks Tonya for her engagement ring back on the Little Women: LA Season 7 premiere

Both of them agree they haven’t been getting what they wanted out of the relationship, and Kerwin puts it down to Tonya being bad at communicating and the fact that they are “looking for different loves”.

But she says he’s also to blame, telling him: “I felt I was losing myself, and controlled. I wasn’t feeling appreciated.” She adds in an interview with producers: “I’m not one to wear my emotions on my sleeve, I get that. But when I do tell him how I feel, he turns it around on me.”

Kerwin tells her: “I ain’t going to sell myself short, so we can call it off,” before adding: “It’s not you, it’s me.” He then holds out his hand for the ring. Watch our exclusive clip from the Little Women: LA Season 7 premiere above!

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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