Little Women LA: Couples Retreat – Who’s in it and when does it air?

Christy Gibel and husband Todd kissing while she holds flowers in a promotional photo for Little Women LA: Couples Retreat
Christy Gibel and husband Todd in a promotional photo for Little Women LA: Couples Retreat

The Little Women: LA season may be over following the tell-all reunion — but fans have nothing to fear, as it’s just one week until the Little Women LA: Couples Retreat!

The spinoff special premieres next week, July 26, at 9/8c on Lifetime — and features a who’s who of couples from the Little Women franchise.

Those taking part are Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer, after their tumultous season, Tonya Banks and Kerwin, hot on the heels of the news at the reunion that there are ongoing issues with their engagement, and Christy Gibel and husband Todd.

Meanwhile, despite the “LA” in the name, the spinoff will also feature the Tiny Twinz Amanda and Andrea Salinas from Little Women: Atlanta along with their boyfriends Chris and Jordan.

Completing the line-up are Little Women: NY’s Lila Call and her new love interest Brian and Jazmin Lang and husband David.

The retreat will take place at an island resort where the couples will be joined by a relationship guide as they try to come closer as couples and better themselves as individuals.

That will involve performing various exercises which will force them to confront rather than shy away from their problems as they go right out of their comfort zones.

But while some of the couples fall more for each other, the tasks will leave other relationships close to collapse.

Little Women LA: Couples Retreat premieres July 26 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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