Little Women: Atlanta’s Ms. Juicy flips at Monie over ‘maid of honor’ Minnie

Ms. Juicy lays into Monie after hearing Minnie's been made a co-maid of honor
Ms. Juicy lays into Monie after hearing Minnie’s been made a “co-maid of honor”

Little Women: Atlanta tonight is drama, drama, drama after Monie makes Minnie a “co-maid of honor” at her bachelorette party — leaving Ms. Juicy fuming.

Ms. Juicy was originally the only maid of honor and was obviously pretty proud of being chosen for the role at Monie’s wedding.

So when Monie stands up with everyone half drunk and announces Minnie is now one too, Ms. Juicy is totally taken aback and flips out.

Ahead of the event, Monie tells the camera: “Before everyone gets too tipsy I’m going to share the news.”

She then stands up to make the announcement, saying: “I decided to make Minnie a co-maid of honor.”

The ladies respond with some seriously aghast looks before Ms. Juicy stands up and fumes: “What the f*** is a co-maid of honor? I don’t need no help!”

She adds to the camera: “I have never been so insulted!”

Also on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta episode, titled Say Yes to the Mess, Andrea pulls up Chris about not spending enough time helping her take care of baby Aubrey.



Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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