Little Women Atlanta exclusive: The Tiny Twinz confront Juicy after the Cheeks show up

Amanda and Andrea Salinas of Little Women: Atlanta
The Tiny Twinz feel set up when the Cheeks showed up to the BBQ on Little Women: Atlanta. Pic credit: Lifetime

Little Women: Atlanta returned to Lifetime last week and the drama is already brewing! In an exclusive sneak peek for the upcoming episode, the Tiny Twinz confront Juicy about the return of The Cheeks.

They aren’t happy they weren’t warned that Right Cheek and Left Cheek were back in Atlanta.

When meeting with Juicy for lunch, the Tiny Twinz tell her that they aren’t sure if they want to meet up with the Street Execs. The reason for their hesitation has to do with the shocker they got in last week’s episode when Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez showed up without warning.

That’s when Juicy tells them she didn’t give them a heads up on purpose because she knew Amanda and Andrea wouldn’t come if they knew Bri and Emily would be there.

She also reassured them that she wasn’t trying to be messy, she just didn’t want them to miss out on a great opportunity.

Juicy is really disappointed when the sisters tell her they think they’re going to pass. It seems the surprise appearance of The Cheeks was just too much for them and now they are passing on the meeting with the Street Execs in an effort to avoid drama with the other Little Women: Atlanta cast members.

“I’m trying to make bank as a manager but I can’t do that if they don’t play ball,” Juicy says in the confessional.

Is she really trying to get a great opportunity for the Tiny Twinz or does she just want to line her own pockets? It seems she should have warned them about The Cheeks or at least met with them separately.

Can we really blame the Tiny Twinz for not wanting to end up on tour with them after all the drama and fights?

Watch the exclusive Little Women: Atlanta clip and see what you think.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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