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Little Women: Atlanta exclusive – Abira has a meltdown when confronted about being drunk

Abira made a huge scene at the showcase last week on Little Women: Atlanta and the drama definitely isn’t over.

When the Tiny Twinz, Minnie and Juicy confront Abira about her shocking behavior after the show, her reaction is priceless and it could end the chances of any of them getting to go out tour with the Street Execs.

Everything was on the line for Abira, Bumpman and the Tiny Twinz during the showcase. It was there that an opening act would be chosen for the upcoming tour. But when Abira took the stage to perform alongside Bumpman, she was very visibly drunk and she took things way too far.

As they performed Goals, Abira twerked and danced suggestively, grinding her body up against Bumpman. He seemed to enjoy the performance but those in attendance were clearly uncomfortable with her incredibly sexual performance.

Things went from raunchy to offensive when Abira continued to steal the spotlight as the Tiny Twinz performed their new single Everyday. She twerked and danced suggestively on the side of the stage while calling out to the Twinz and shouting them out while they tried to perform.

After the show, the Tiny Twinz were the first to speak up about the interruption, as seen in our exclusive Little Women: Atlanta sneak peek from this week’s new episode.

“You need to just chill out with your drunk a**,” Amanda blasts at Abira.

“Shut up,” Abira explodes, telling the Twinz, “B***h you hoes can’t even get on point and say your words right p***y a** b***hes.”

Bumpman and Abira on Little Women: Atlanta
Abira doesn’t want to hear about her behavior from anyone on the Little Women: Atlanta cast. Pic credit: Lifetime

Minnie and Juicy try to stop the brewing fight but Abira isn’t listening and now things are starting to get heated.

That is enough to get Andrea to say something too. She responds to Abira’s verbal attack, saying, “You’re doing all that extra just to get attention b***h so calm down.”

And that’s when the drama comes on the Little Women: Atlanta Season 5 finale. Tune in to see what happens as the tension between Abira and the Tiny Twinz reaches an all-time high.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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