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Little Girl discovery leads Buck to Woman of the Woods on Mountain Monsters finale

Mountain Monsters find out what is in the cabin
On Mountain Monsters the AIMS team find out what is in the cabin

This week it’s the season finale of Mountain Monsters as a discovery about the Little Girl leads Buck to the Woman of the Woods.

Buck makes contact with the Little Girl whilst he is exploring the Three Rings but the encounter is brief and she quickly disappears.

However, that’s not the end of it and his persistence pays off when he discovers something remarkable about the Little Girl. This revelation leads Buck to a secret garden where the Woman of the Woods waits for him.

Someone has been busy
Someone has been busy…

Meantime, the rest of the AIMS team are taking Jeff’s advice and investigation the mystery cabin that he reckons hold the key to why the other group are in the Dark Forest. They need to sneak into the cabin and make sure nobody and nothing is alerted to their presence.

Will they finally solve the riddles of the forest and work about why the other team have been stalking the same paranormal prey they have? Will Jeff every recover from this season? Will Buck be able to make sense of what he’s seen?

Last week we saw Buck head to the Three Rings on his own with the strangers in hot pursuit.

Find out tonight as the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings team go on their final outing for this season.

Have you enjoyed this season of Mountain Monsters? What should they line up for next year?

Mountain Monsters airs Saturdays at 10 PM on Destination America. 

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