Lil Vicious: Abira from Little Women Atlanta turns up too much during performance with Bumpman

Abira and Bumpman perform for the Street Execs
During the Bumpman and Lil Vicious performance, Abira turned up way too much. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 5 of Little Women: Atlanta is nearly over and as everyone tries to impress at the showcase and win a spot on the Street Execs tour, Abira aka Lil Vicious knows she has to turn up.

That’s exactly what she did except that it wasn’t as impressive as Abira would hope and her behavior very likely destroyed her chance of getting a spot on the tour.

When Coco Kiss took the stage, she impressed everybody, and apparently that made Lil Vicious nervous. She even said that after Coco’s performance, she’d really have to do her best if she wants the judges to choose her for the tour.

The problem is, Abira ends up drinking a bit too much and, because of that, she also turns up way too much. During her performance of Goals with Bumpman, she definitely took her twerking far too far.

The crowd couldn’t seem to believe their eyes and it’s safe to say that Minnie was upset. After all, there’s really no argument that of the Little Women: Atlanta performers, Abira is one of the most talented, but under pressure she definitely slipped up.

Things went from bad to worse when the Tiny Twinz took the stage. Amanda and Andrea wore matching rainbow striped suits and were working the crowd with their performance of Everyday but Abira just couldn’t let them enjoy the spotlight.

Instead, the rival “team member” started twerking and shouting them out from the side of the stage. Even after she was warned to quiet down and let the Twinz perform without her interruption, Abira was a drunken mess, twerking and dancing and just being over-the-top.

Next week is the season finale of Little Women: Atlanta, and in the previews we’ve already seen that Abira is going to turn up even more when confronted about her behavior. Viewers should also learn who gets the spot on the Street Execs tour (and it probably won’t be Abira).

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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