Len Goodman wanted a fleckerl on DWTS: What did he mean?

Juan Pablo di Pace
Juan Pablo di Pace didn’t get a perfect score this week. Pic credit: ABC

Juan Pablo di Pace was the first celebrity on the show to score the perfect 30, but he has struggled to nail it a second time. While Juan Pablo was excited to dance as Gaston for Disney week as he is a crazy Disney fan and considered becoming an animator for Disney before he chose acting, he didn’t get the perfect 30.

While two of the judges gave him 10s, it was Len Goodman who held back. He only offered a nine, because he wanted to see a fleckerl.

And that’s when the internet went crazy, asking on social media; what the heck is a fleckerl?

Juan Pablo di Pace and Cheryl danced a Waltz and a fleckerl is a dance move that’s often found in this kind of dance. Unlike the natural and reserve turns in the Waltz, the Viennese Waltz Reverse Fleckerl does not move forward along the dance floor. Instead, the fleckerl rotates on the spot. As for the turning, dancers can dance both clockwise and counter-clockwise and still have a successful fleckerl.

For both the man and the lady, the rotation on the spot means they must swivel on the ball of the flat foot for each step. It appears to be a move for professionals, so we found an example of a natural fleckerl below.

Hopefully, the other contestants paid close attention in case they have to dance the Waltz next week. To get that perfect ten, it’s important to include the fleckerl – at least if you want that 10 from Len Goodman. In case you missed Juan Pablo and Cheryl’s dance, you can check it out below.

Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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