LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, Muppets Haunted Mansion and many spooky classics on Disney’s 2021 Hallowstream collection

Production still from upcoming LEGO Star Wars program
Disney+ is kicking it up a notch for Halloween. Pic credit: Disney+

Halloween is right around the corner, which signifies the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, trips to the apple orchard and endless spooky programming— curated by some of the best television channels. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, anyone?

This spooky line-up has been popularized by Freeform and their “31 Nights of Halloween,” AMC’s FearFest, and Disney’s Hallowstream. While the various collections usually debuts on the first of October and lasts until the end of the month, Disney+ is kicking things up a notch for its 2021 Hallowstream line-up.

Its newly-released schedule contains brand-new, original content, as well as some classics. The streaming platform will get an early start as it is slated to begin on September 24. On that day, Disney+ subscribers will be able to view a Halloween collection that’s filled with Halloween episodes from a variety of television series.

LEGO Star Wars

During the Hallowstream celebration, Disney+ will air three original programs: LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, Muppets Haunted Mansion, and Just Beyond.

The highly-anticipated addition to the LEGO Star Wars franchise will premiere on October 1. Disney writes that LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tale “is a seasonal celebration of the villainous dark side of the Star Wars galaxy— just in time for Halloween.”

They continue, “After the events of The Rise of Skywalker, Poe and BB-8 must make an emergency landing on the volcanic planet Mustafar where they meet the greedy and conniving Graballa the Hutt who has purchased Darth Vader’s castle and is renovating it into the galaxy’s first all-inclusive Sith-inspired luxury hotel.”

While there, the lead characters meet Vaneé, Vader’s loyal servant who shares some “creepy stories” that are linked to the iconic history of Star Wars. 

Judging by the trailer, the series will be mind-blowing and packed with some of the best Halloween tropes, like the undead and spine-chilling betrayal. Fans are already taking to the comment section to express their excitement and point out their spotted references to classic Halloween movies.

Muppets Haunted House

Disney+ created the first-ever Halloween special for the Muppets. It will debut on Friday, October 8 on the streaming platform. While the description for the special program is short, the platform teases that it will feature “a star-studded Muppets cast,” many celebrity appearances and original music.

The show’s synopsis reads, “On Halloween night, the fearless Gonzo takes on the greatest challenge of his life by spending one very daring night in the most grim grinning place on Earth …The Haunted Mansion.”

The series is inspired by the four Disney Haunted Mansion attractions which are located at a variety of different Disney Theme Parks. Disney+ teases Rest In Peace, Life Hereafter and Tie The Knot Tango as the titles of the original songs.

Production still from the Muppets Halloween special
Muppets Haunted House will feature a “star-studded” Muppets cast. Pic credit: Disney+

The full line-up

Disney’s third original program is Just Beyond, a short series inspired by the works of R.L. Stine. Move over Fear Street, this eight-episode supernatural series will premiere on Wednesday, October 13. Unlike Disney’s past series, WandaVision, Turner and Hooch and Big Shot,

Just Beyond will air all of its episodes at once. They write that the anthology series “tells astonishing and thought-provoking stories of a reality just beyond the one we know,” with each episode introducing new characters and storylines.

The streaming platform also lists many “creepy classics” as part of its Hallowestream line-up, such as Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and the infamous late-night Disney Channel Original Movies, Halloweentown and Twitches.

In addition to highlighting scary episodes from other popular Disney Channel shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Disney+ has marked the Halloween episode of WandaVision and the latest episode of What If..? (which featured the Avengers as zombies) as part of the recommend Halloween viewing.

This curated list is perfect to win the heart of anybody, balancing nostalgic programs with some fresh, and promising, watches.

See Disney’s full Hallowstream line-up below.

Image of the Hallowstream schedule
Disney’s Hallowstream collection will keep fans, old and new, entertained. Pic credit: Disney+

Hallowstream begins September 24 on Disney Plus.

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