Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will address Benson’s feelings for Stabler

Olivia Benson
Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Pic credit: NBC

Olivia Benson will finally face up to some feelings when Law & Order: Special Victims Unit returns. 

Writer Julie Martin has confirmed that when the series airs a new episode on December 8, Benson will address her feelings for former partner Eliott Stabler. 

This comes in a special episode that bids farewell to Kelli Giddish, which appears to have Amanda Rollins taking a huge step.

It also comes after a recent Law & Order: Organized Crime episode had Stabler making a surprising confession as well. 

This has fans wondering if the long-awaited romantic push for Benson and Stabler might finally be happening. 

If nothing else, it should be a big step for Benson and her future, with or without Stabler at her side. 

When does Benson address her feelings for Stabler?

It’s no secret that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fans have noted the bond between Benson and Stabler growing. 

While Stabler was mourning the murder of his wife, Kathy, he still felt close to Benson, including being at her side when she was injured.

A big turn was Stabler giving Benson a letter written by Kathy before her death on their bond. Stabler had added a bit that “in a different world, it would always be you and me.”

A recent Law & Order: Organized Crime episode had Stabler spending a night drinking with Italian cop Tia. She stated that Stabler had blurted out he was in love with another woman but didn’t say who, and Stabler claimed not to remember it. 

This had fans pressing writer Julie Martin in a Twitter Q&A on whether this would be played on in the show.

Martin confirmed that the upcoming Episode 9 would finally address that in a talk with Amanda Rollins.

Julie Martin's Tweet reading, "She will talk to Rollins about her feelings for Stabler in Episode 9, Dec 8th. #ATraumaInAPearTree"
Julie Martin comments on Benson. Pic credit: @JulieMartinNY/Twitter

This naturally has fans excited, even if we don’t know yet what Benson will say.

How does Benson bid goodbye to Rollins?

While the Benson-Stabler discussion might be important, it’s not the focus of that upcoming episode. 

Instead, it will be Kelli Giddish’s farewell as Amanda Rollins. The exit has been set up as Rollins hasn’t been the same since being shot in the Season 24 premiere. 

After overcoming some trauma, Rollins was intrigued by an offer to teach at a college. 

The promo for the episode indicates that Rollins and Carisi are getting married, with Benson and Fin in attendance. 

This big romantic moment and Rollins’ departure might push Benson to make her own romantic confession or at least face up to her feelings for Stabler. 

It’s another reason fans can be excited for that episode, as more than one SVU cop will make a big change in their personal life to spark up Season 24. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 24 returns with a new episode Thursday, December 8 at 9/8c on NBC.

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