Law & Order: Organized Crime recap: the walls are closing in

Law & Order Organized Crime
Brewster (Guillermo Diaz) interrogates Reggie (Dash Mihok) on Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2. Pic credit: NBC

The end game is coming for the Kosta Organization…and maybe Elliot Stabler. 

After shooting the wife of a rising politician, Reggie (Dash Mihok) was arrested. Meanwhile, Stabler was hit when Louis, the son of the real Eddie Wagner, showed up and figured out “Ashes” was an imposter. 

It all came to a huge head that sets up a big conclusion to the first arc of Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2. 

Reggie finds out the truth

High Planes Grifter began with Bell and Brewster offering Reggie a shot at avoiding jail time for the murder in exchange for flipping on the Kostas. Reggie refused to give up anything, his loyalty to the “family” absolute even when told Ross flipping first would negate any deal for Reggie. 

Enter the trump card: Stabler in a suit. Reggie’s reaction to finding out “Eddie” was a cop? Well, it was a good thing for Stabler Reggie was handcuffed to the table. 

Stabler ignored Reggie’s ranting to point out Kosta had set Reggie up on all this, expecting him to get killed after shooting Garcia. He added that he really did care for Reggie, but he had to make a decision. 

Reggie wasn’t the only one “protected” with Louis locked up so he wouldn’t blab about Stabler with Elliot dryly stating, “I’d do the same for my own son.”

Jet was covering for Reggie by sending text messages claiming he was helping his mom. That gave Stabler the “final card to play” as Bell picked up Reggie’s mom, Agnes (Caroline Lagerfelt) at a doctor’s office. 

While Kosta and Albi mused on Reggie’s whereabouts, Stabler testified to a grand jury about all the crimes he’d witnessed while undercover and how dangerous the Kosta Organization was. 

Reggie makes his choice

An already shaken Reggie was rocked harder when Anges was brought into an interrogation. She first hugged him but then laid in a few slaps for Reggie getting into this mess with Reggie forced to admit that this was all his fault. Bell and Brewster encouraged Agnes to get Reggie to take the deal.

Stabler’s testimony was interrupted by word Kosta wanted to see “Ashes.” Stabler acted like he had no idea where Reggie was, although Flutura was suspicious. Stabler was able to sell he’d been on a “side job” to explain his whereabouts as Kosta and Albi pushed him to find Reggie…and “we don’t care what you do with the body.”

Hearing that recording on Stabler’s phone was enough for Reggie to finally agree to talk. Agnes was startled to find Stabler was a cop but agreed with her son’s choice. 

Reggie testified to the grand jury, revealing how Agnes had sustained a brain injury in the attack that killed Reggie’s father, ordered by Albi. Meanwhile, Agnes was questioned by a D.A. but was more intrigued by how the stenographer, Violet Brooks (Jacqueline Nwabueze), clearly needed some new clothes.

There was a problem in that Reggie only got orders from Albi, not Kosta, which left Ross the key witness there. Agnes suddenly coughed out water on the ADA to make her leave. Then, after looking at Violet’s drink, Agnes jotted down a quick note of something that would earn Violet $50,000.

The walls close in on Kosta

Bell talked to Lieutenant Marv Moennig (Daniel Oreskes) who dropped the bomb that the newly promoted Leituant Brewster would be taking his place heading up this unit, Bell was unhappy with this development. 

Violet headed to the gym to deliver Kosta and Albi with the news about the grand jury. As promised, she got the money…and then a bullet to the back. With a grand jury assembling, Kosta knew he didn’t have much time. 

Bell met with Nova to press on how Congressman Kilbride and Marcy Killers boss Webb had been friends for years yet wasn’t sure just how tied into the gangs Kilbride was. She hoped Nova could keep this quiet until Bell could figure out Kilbride’s endgame. 

Ross revealed he was caught in a classic “honey trap” of falling for a woman Kosta supplied only to realize too late it was trapping him into helping supply girls to the rich and powerful. Stabler arranged for Louis to get a few thousand dollars and a flight to Florida, the young man thankful for the second chance. 

Just as Jet and Stabler gave more testimony to the grand jury, Ross was found hanging in his jail cell. That ended up pushing the grand jury to issue indictments to Kosta, Albi and over a dozen more higher-ups in the Kosta Organization. 

Reggie apologized to his mom for making her break “besa,” the code of loyalty for the family…only for her to rasp, “I didn’t.”

Across New York, cops raided Kosta’s clubs, diners, brothels, and other spots with Luka arrested. However, Kosta, Flutura, and Albi were in the wind with the cops realizing too late someone had tipped them off. 

Jet shared a video of Kosta and Albi arriving at the gym. Just as Stabler and Bell pulled up, they were surprised to see Louis exiting the place just before it exploded. 

Thus, the pieces are set for an explosive (literally) conclusion to the Kosta arc but the promise of more drama on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC. 

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