Laura Huggins on The Orville: Who was Gordon’s simulated love interest?

Laura Huggins on The Orville
Leighton Meester as Laura Huggins on The Orville. Pic credit: Fox

The Orville this week took an angle that Star Trek had approached numerous times in the past when it comes to simulators. But who is Laura Huggins and what did she teach Gordon Malloy about love?

Who is Laura Huggins on The Orville?

Laura Huggins was a woman who was alive in the year 2015. She recorded a video introducing herself on to her iPhone and eventually donated it to a time capsule so people in the future can learn about her through her phone’s history.

The crew of the USS Orville gained access to the iPhone from the time capsule in 2420 and Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes) watched the video and liked what he saw.

As a result, he recreated Laura Huggins in the Environmental Simulator using what he discovered of her from the iPhone information. Gordon met her at a party and the two start to date.

Laura is a singer and the two develop a romantic relationship. However, soon she returns to her ex-boyfriend Greg and Gordon is broken-hearted.

As a result, he removes Greg from the program but then realizes that it was his support that made Laura happy and successful as a singer and Gordon realizes that she was meant for Greg and not him, so he returns Greg to the program and lets her go.

Who played Laura Huggins on The Orville?

Laura Huggins on The Orville was portrayed by Leighton Meester.

Most fans know Meester from her role as Blair on Gossip Girl on The CW, where she starred for five years.

Meester also had roles in movies like Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow and The Judge with Robert Downey Jr.

As for the singing on the show, that was all natural as Meester also has hit the Top 10 on the Billboard charts with Good Girls Go Bad, which was certified platinum.

Her debut album Heartstrings came out in 2014 and ranked first on the U.S. Heatseekers chart.

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