Lana, Renee Young and Maryse are fresh blood in Total Divas Season 6

The full cast line-up for Total Divas Season 6 on E!
The full cast line-up for Total Divas Season 6 — let’s get ready to rumble!

Total Divas is back for Season 6! And there’s new blood in the main line-up — in the form of Lana, Renee Young, and Maryse Oullet.

The trio are replacing Rosa Mendes, Mandy and Alicia Fox on the show, while Naomi is returning as a series regular after being a guest star last season.

They will join Brie and Nikki Bella, Natalya, Eva Marie, and Paige to make up the full line-up. So one thing’s for sure — it’s going to be a great season!

Total Divas Season 6 comes after Brie and Nikki’s spin-off Total Bellas wrapped on E!, which followed their lives with partners Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

The first episode sees Brie, who is coming to terms with her retirement, having a big clash with Maryse after she brings up bad blood from three years ago.

Maryse believed Brie and Nikki blocked her from getting a big business deal — but Brie says that wasn’t the case.

She insists: “Maryse, Nicole and myself got offered a really great work opportunity. Unfortunately they decided they only wanted my sister and I.

“Now, business is business, but somewhere along the line Maryse thought my sister and I blocked her from a contract.”

Meanwhile, Nattie struggling to deal with the loss of her BFF from the ring. She tells Brie: “I love the other girls but I feel like I’m losing my friend…like my best friends here.”

Lana also gets pushed to the limit as she makes her debut at Wrestemania, Natalya has to deal with a hair debacle, and the WWE break some big news about the women’s division.

Total Divas Season 6 starts tonight at 8pm on E!

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