Lana has the jitters about her wedding to Rusev on Total Divas

Lana queries Naomi about her wedding
Lana queries Naomi about her wedding and is nervous about her own, which is fast approaching

On Tonight’s Total Divas, Lana has a serious case of wedding jitters.

As Lana’s big day approaches, the Florida-born WWE wrestler — sometimes known as The Ravishing Russian — confesses to a case of cold feet, worrying that forever with one man is a long time.

In Las Vegas, the blonde beauty (real name Catherine Joy Perry) is in hair and makeup getting ready and asks about Naomi’s wedding as she brushes out her locks.

Lana, who is acting quiet as she worries about tying the knot to fellow WWE wrestler Rusev (real name Miroslav Barnyashev), asks Naomi: “So, you didn’t have a bachelorette party?”

Looking a bit pensive, she then says to her friends in the makeup trailer: “All of these things that are happening in Vegas are bringing a lot of thoughts and fears and concerns up.

“I’ve had one guy cheat on me, and I thought I would possibly marry him one day and it totally broke my heart.”

Naomi tries to counsel her jittery friend, saying: “You don’t know what’s gonna happen and you’ll drive yourself crazy wondering ‘what if?'”

She then bucks her up, adding: “I’m gonna need you to get that together in the next two weeks, so you can prance down that aisle now!”

Spoiler alert! Perry married Barnyashev, better known by his ring name Rusev, back in July, 2016.

Her gown was a gorgeous custom one made by a Nashville, Tennessee, designer and her wedding was in Malibu, California, with all the Total Divas showing up to cheer her on!

Lana has second thoughts: Total Divas airs tonight on E! at 9pm.

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