Lana furious at Rusev during Greek Orthodox christening in Bulgaria on Total Divas

Lana gets talked through the intricacies of a Greek Orthodox christening
Lana gets talked through the intricacies of a Greek Orthodox christening

On tonight’s Total Divas, WWE superstar Lana is left fuming when Rusev fails to mention the finer details of the intricacies of a Greek Orthodox christening tradition — and the episode almost becomes a Greek tragedy.

A second and more traditional wedding is on for Rusev and Lana after their splashy Malibu one. But will the wedding go down without a finishing move on the relationship?

It’s time to get serious as an Orthodox christening is in order for Lana. Except for the fact that Rusev gave her no real rundown on what she was to expect. You can feel the awkward uncomfortableness that is not scripted in the clip below!

Namely, as Lana is told about the spitting, and a ton of water rubbed all over her face and hair!

Lana and Rusev first said “I do” in Malibu but then got married a second time for tradition’s sake, and for Rusev’s family back in Bulgaria.

Lana has to be christened first, undergoing the ceremony at the Bachkovo Monastery in the city of Plovdiv. But not so fast!

This event has Lana furious as she finds out the hard way a Greek Orthodox christening is more than a splash-and-dash affair.

Lana throws daggers with her eyes after Rusev never gave her the rundown on this event

She fumes: “Are you kidding me right now? It’s not about that my face is getting wet, that my hair is getting wet.

“It’s about that Rusev did not mention this at all. Did he really not know or just know I wasn’t going to do it?”

How will the wedding go down? You’ll find out.

Also tonight, Nikki gets a chance to be on ABC’s long-running competition show Dancing with the Stars and wonders if it will have any discernible effect on her career, while Eva Marie frets over her sick father and tries to introduce a healthier lifestyle.

Total Divas airs Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT on E!

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