Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow Oscar performance: Powerful chemistry blows everyone away

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform Shallow at the Oscars. Pic credit: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga stole the Oscars last night with their performance of Shallow from their movie, A Star Is Born.

The two ended up also taking home the award for Best Original Song, which was handed out just a short while after their performance received a standing ovation.

Lady Gaga gave an emotional speech about receiving the Academy Award for the song, but it was their performance earlier that stole the show.

Some had already been questioning whether Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were a couple, and it didn’t take long for people to react to the pair’s chemistry during the performance.

Many viewers highlighted how the pair held eye contact for most of the performance, resulting in a few hilarious tweets about the pair’s undeniable chemistry.

Even though last night marked Lady Gaga’s first Oscar win, the song has actually already earned a few awards.

It also won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 2019 and won the award for Original Music at the BAFTA Film Awards. Along with the success of the song, A Star Is Born also won the AFI Award for Movie of the Year, and won the AAFCA Award in the Top 10 Films category.

Lady Gaga herself won the AFCC Special Award for Breakthrough Performer at the Atlanta Film Critics Circle. The movie has won several other awards both for the acting and music.

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