Ladies of London head to Scotland for no rules trip but not everyone is happy

Ladies of London
Julie gets upset on Ladies of London as she talks about taking on the estate

This week on Ladies of London, the women head to bonnie Scotland for a bit of fun and some bonding.

Caroline Stanbury is keen to get all the other ladies together for a fun trip before she heads to Dubai, where her new home awaits.

They up north to Scotland where they stay at a 15th-century castle, some of the women live in castles anyway so they are feeling right at home.

Sophie is very loyal and won’t talk about Caroline Stanbury behind her back

However, it’s not all happy highlands as Marissa is finally confornted about the rumors she has been spreading about Caroline Stanbury’s business.

Also Caroline has billed the trip as without rules and without a strict itinerary, this has irked some of the other women whose social events have been criticized.

Julie Montagu gets very upset as she explains this to Sophie, but she is very loyal to her former sister-in-law and wants nothing to do with it.

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