Ladies fancy pants off wilderness guides on Bad Girls Club

Cody from Zspiritual on this week's Bad Girls Club
Cody from Zspiritual who Adryan says “looks like Brad Pitt” on this week’s Bad Girls Club

On this week’s Bad Girls Club, the ladies head out on a survival skills course — but find it hard to concentrate after getting the hots for the GUIDES.

The group spend a day in the bush where they get lessons with Chad Keel and Kody Sherwood from Zspiritual — a free hiking, meditation, and primitive survival group.

The guys attempt to teach them to start a fire from wood and purify water. But some of the girls find it hard to stay focused after getting distracted by the guides’ hunky good looks.

Brynesha Seegers says: “My energy goes from zero to seven because it’s like, ‘Okay, now we have two instructors that’s cute. They have pretty eyes, and we have someone that’s gorgeous to look at.”

Adryan Rose adds: “At first I wasn’t into the survival course but Cody…he looks like Brad Pitt. So I’m happy I showed up because he is definitely something nice to look at.”

The fire task goes reasonably well, apart from Stephanie breaking a nail. And the water purification task seems to have some of the girls impressed (although not as much as Cody’s eyes).

Stephanie Tejada is the only one who has the guts to drink the purified water. But she says: “Yeah, you’d be cold if you couldn’t start a fire. But if you were dehydrated, you’d die. So filtering water was probably the most useful thing that I learned.

Bad Girls Club airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Oxygen.

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