Lack of water gives Tom beaver problems on Mountain Men

Mountain Men
Tom is having beaver trouble on Mountain Men

This week on Mountain Men, Tom is having trouble with his beaver traps due to a lack of water.

Beavers are creatures of habit and the key to success when trapping them is usually the location. Traps can be set along the beaver dam, where they tend to run across the path over the dam often. You can also place one between two ponds the beavers are using or any path they use frequently.

The boat is bottoming out
The boat is bottoming out

The lack water means that not only can Tom not get his boat into the traps, but the traps are also exposed and any twigs covering them are now gone. This makes it highly unlikely he’s going to have any luck whilst the water levels are so low.

However, his luck could be about to change…

Also on this episode, there is a surprise for Marty in the back and Morgan is in building mode as he prepares for some cold weather.

Mountain Men airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM on History Channel.

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