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Lacey Hodder from My 600-lb Life update: What does she look like now?

Lacey Hodder before her weight loss surgery on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

We loved tonight’s inspiring My 600-lb Life story of Lacey Hodder, the young woman from Michigan who bet on herself and went to Houston with her mother in tow to receive help from weight loss guru Dr. Nowzaradan.

So what has happened to this lady who was a house prisoner from her overeating and bad lifestyle choices?

Today she is sharing loads of great photos on her social media accompanied by her dog and many inspiring posts too.

Let’s backtrack a minute before we blow you away with her new photo.

Lacey spent her teens and twenties eating out of despair, depression and as a result of her parents contentious divorce.

But she has bounced back and has posted pictures of her dog who howls when she plays harmonica:

Lacey Hodder’s life was centered on food and colored by her fractious home life. Her family owned multiple restaurants and that proximity to food was made worse by the fact she had a binge-eating mom who made her complicit in her covert eating behaviors. Not cool!

This Michigan native now lives in Houston and became a loner — a solitary creature who preferred playing on the computer and video games and of course, eating all the wrong things constantly.

On the episode we see that this behavior was made worse as she binge ate with her own mother.

We see that Dr. Now can smell an enabler a mile away. He really leveled the boom on her mother in our exclusive clip.

Funny thing… Her enabling mom got weight loss surgery. Then her parents got divorced. This spurred Lacey’s weight to peak and hit 653 lbs. with copious amounts of all the wrong foods containing high carb counts, which of course layered on the adipose tissue.

There was no winning here. Once her weight got that high, she was essentially disabled, limited in her movement and ability to get around, exacerbating her not getting enough exercise.

The moment she exited the van in the episode and fell over and down, unable to get herself up was the last straw and her frustration was clearly evident. It was a heartbreaking moment.

Now Ms. Hodder looks like she really listened to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for that weight loss surgery green light despite her mother’s bad advice and behavior all those years.

Dr. Now gave her the clinic’s “food religion” directive of a high protein and low carb diet and she did what the Doctor told her to do. She was ready to make changes for herself finally.

So where is Lacey now?

It turns out that she’s still in Houston, as Lacey is using Facebook to share her headshots and her progress

And here is Lacey from her Facebook page just two weeks ago:

Lacey Hodder from her Facebook page as of January 2019. Looking great! Pic credit: Lacey Hodder/Facebook

A stunning young woman with expressive eyes, Lacey is doing everything she should be doing and more.

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays on TLC.

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