L.A. Hair: Meet the Season 5 cast

Kim Kimble
Kim Kimble is shooting for the stars with a new cast of stylists in Season 5 of L.A. Hair

It’s a new year and a new crew for Kimberly Kimble — as the L.A. Hair style queen’s old staff has been cut loose and replaced with a new cast of eccentric characters.

Season 5 of the hit WE tv show sees five new stylists, along with viral sensation James Wright aka The Patti Pie Guy, added to her team.

It promises a new drama-filled season which is sure to blow your weave to Bermuda.

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The new talent was recruited after last year’s debacle with “Goshady” and “Two-faced Terry”. But who are the new faces taking part in the hit WE tv show?

Kim is all about her business and sought out the most innovative stylists in Los Angeles, so that’s exactly what she found.

Meet the new L.A. Hair cast members, including Kim’s five new stylists.

Will the new group make hair history with Kimble, or will their big personalities clash and be her downfall?

James Wright

James Wright
James Wright joins the Kimpire to help boost the hair queen’s marketing efforts

Singer/stylist James saw his fame explode last year after his viral video review of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.

Those pies flew off the shelves, and Kim is now hoping he can work some marketing magic for her too.


Tiger has had a long-list of celebrity clients in the past. But can he cut it for Kim?

Tiger is a celebrity stylist and entrepreneur, who promises to bring the noize to the Kimpire!

A cosmetology school graduate, he garnered attention after creating looks for Nicole Scherzinger and Mel B, and has since worked with everyone from Christina Milian to Blac Chyna.

Stacey Morris

Stacey Morris
Stacey is an Emmy-nominated stylist with an impressive list of clients

Stacey Morris, who works under the name Stacey Kutz, is regularly known as the “Stylist to the Stars” with her client-list a who’s who of African-American A-listers.

She does Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Anthony Anderson…the list of heavyweights goes on. She’s even been nominated for an Emmy for her efforts. Classy, high profile, confident…what could go wrong?

Giorgio Van Gogh

Giorgio Van Gogh
Giorgio is a flamboyant character, but also has the skills to back it up

Giorgio isn’t just a stylist, he’s also an actor, commentator, model and hair show host. But while he might look like one of those phony baloney hat-wearing talk-but-no-substance types, he the real deal.

Giorgio has worked with a string of stars in the past, including The Temptations, Jennifer Holiday and Latoya Williams. But will his shameless flattery wear on the other members of Kim’s team?

Jay Jones

Jay Jones
Jay Jones is the least experienced new member of the L.A. Hair line-up

Bosomy Jay started off cutting hair for her friends and family, before taking on clients while working out of her father’s garage. But it wasn’t long before her styles started to earn her a reputation.

She has won several competitions in the past. But being fresh out of beauty school, she is definitely the wild card of the bunch. Kim heard about her natural talent after a tip-off from a friend. But will her ample bust and excessive personality be too much for the Kimpire?


MaCray seems to be grounded, but time will tell…

Another wild card, MaCray is a down-home type, Virginia native — who landed in Chicago before moving back down south. While in the windy city, he styled several big-name clients including several Ford models, Christina Milian and Jill Scott. But he’s since taken it down a notch or two after deciding to move back to Greensboro, NC. Will he become the anchor Kim needs to keep her Kimpire together?

Don’t forget the big L.A. Hair players…

Kim Kimble

Kim Kimble
Kim Kimble is the hair-styling queen of Los Angeles, and wants to keep it that way

Kim is a long-time hair-stylist to the stars, with big-name clients including Beyonce and Oprah Winfrey. She has several new celebrity clients for Season 5, including Mya, Anthony Anderson, Chrisette Michelle, LisaRaye, and Toccara. Kim is the biggest name in the Los Angeles hair industry, with her business known as her ‘Kimpire’.

Jonathan Antin

Jonathan Antin
Jonathan Antin is a long-time nemesis of Kim, but will things change this season?

Jonathan has been Kim’s long-time arch-nemesis, however Season 5 of L.A. Hair sees her team up with him for a business venture. But can he be trusted?

Jonathan has previously appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and E!’s Fashion Emergency as well as Blow Out and Shear Genius on Bravo.

His styles have been included in a string of top magazines from Vogue to Vanity Fair and Elle. He works at the Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills and the One & Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Gocha Hawkins

Gocha Hawkins
Gocha Hawkins wants back in Kim’s good graces, but let’s see what happens…

Gocha owns Gocha Salon in Atlanta, and has had a huge list of celebrity clients — everyone from Nicki Minaj to Serena Williams and Kandi Burruss.

She’s also worked for the NBA, helping to style cheerleaders for over 10 years. This season of L.A. Hair she’s trying her best to get back in Kim’s good books, but threatens to ruffle feathers when she meets with Kim’s sister Leah on the sly.

L.A. Hair airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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