L.A. Hair exclusive clip: Kim and Leah clash over hair opera

L.A. Hair,
Kim Kimble has high hopes for the hair opera on L.A. Hair

This week on L.A. Hair, Kim Kimble is working hard to see her hair opera vision come to life but not all goes to plan.

Kim’s sister Leah is managing the hair opera but that does not stop Kim from giving her own opinion on how it is going.

Leah is working hard to make Kim's vision a reality
Leah is working hard to make Kim’s vision a reality

She arrives at rehearsals telling the stylists that they have to been on their game with the wigs. She can’t have potential investors hit the face by flying hair pieces!

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Kim also calls out her sister on the lack of a runway from the stage and then starts to query the lighting as well.

But she is finding the micro-management and constant criticisms hard to take
But she is finding the micro-management and constant criticism hard to take

Leah has had enough and calls Kim to the side…

Also on this episode, Gocha causes problems with the stylists and Leah really starts to lose it with Kim.

LAH 510 clip 1

Watch L.A. Hair – Hair We Go! at 9 PM on WEtv.

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curly hair
curly hair
10 months ago

Wow!! That’s very cool. Thanks for sharing