Kortni Gilson stalked by ex-boyfriend, Floribama Shore star has Logan Fairbanks sent to jail

Kortni Gilson and Jeremiah Buoni
Kortni Gilson has a world of trouble where Logan Fairbanks is concerned — Pic Credit: MTV

Kortni Gilson arrived at the Floribama Shore house in a relationship. While initially, it looked like a good thing for her, the revelations that followed have turned out to be terrifying.

Logan Fairbanks showed just what kind of person he is at the beginning of the season. He talked down to Kortni Gilson after being out with her and her friends. When she had a little too much to drink, he attacked her about how her behavior was making him look.

Red flags were sent up, but Kortni wasn’t aware there was an issue. As the season progressed, her phone calls with Logan Fairbanks began to act possessive and jealous, especially over Jeremiah Buoni.

It was then revealed that Logan no longer had a job and was lying to Kortni, her best friend, and her mom. The two tried to tell the Floribama Shore what was happening, but she ignored their warnings.


Monday’s episode reveals that Kortni has a pregnancy scare. Obviously, it would be Logan’s baby, but it appears that she either miscarried the child or wasn’t pregnant at all. Recent photos of Gilson show her figure is still slim and her body remains unchanged.

Back in a few months ago, things got tumultuous between Kortni and Logan, prompting the Floribama Shore star to get a restraining order. Of course, that didn’t stop him from showing up at a bar she was at. She didn’t press charges and he seemingly disappeared for a while.

Then Logan Fairbanks began texting Kortni Gilson. According to TMZ, the texts were creepy. They included things like “bye for now”, calling her “baby momma”, and confessing his undying love for her. Gilson called the police but they were unable to locate him.

As of now, Logan Fairbanks is in jail. The police were able to apprehend him on August 22, 2018, and he remained in jail when the news broke about his arrest.

There is more to come in the Kortni Gilson and Logan Fairbanks saga on the MTV hit. Having a pregnancy scare is going to rock the Floribama Shore house and no one knows what will happen next.

Floribama Shore airs Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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