Knightfall Season 2: Has show been renewed? Potential release date in 2018

Tom Cullen as Landry du Lauzon in Knightfall
Tom Cullen as Landry du Lauzon in Knightfall, which fans hope is set to return for Season 2

Will Knightfall Season 2 happen? And if so, when will it return to air in 2018?

The History series followed on from the network’s hugely successful drama Vikings, and debuted as Season 5 of their non-scripted hit The Curse of Oak Island, which was heavy on the Knights Templar theme, was in full swing.

However, ratings for the Season 1 of Knightfall perhaps weren’t as high as the network would have hoped — and fell over the course of the season, starting at 1.77million for the premiere and dropping to 1.02million by the finale, Episode 10.

In contrast, the first ever episode of Vikings premiered with six million viewers in the US. The show also divided critics.

Will Knightfall be renewed for Season 2?

Due to the figures, it’s certainly possible that Knightfall will NOT be renewed for a second season — however that’s not definitive, and History are yet to announce anything either way.

According to SpoilerTV, citing Production Weekly, Season 2 is on the cards and production began in April 2017, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

In January star Julian Ovenden, who plays William De Nogaret, said he was confident the show would get picked up for a second season.

He told IGN: “I think most shows take a bit of time to sort of find their core audience, which I think it’s starting to do now. So, I think the omens are good.

“So, yeah, let’s try to get another ten episodes, and then I think we’ll really hit our stride.”

Filming for the first season began in June 2016 and took place at various locations including in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Prague and the surrounding areas in the Czech Republic, with a base at the city’s famous Barrandov Studios. It’s likely production for Season 2 would take place in the same location.

What date would Knightfall Season 2 air?

It’s likely that a second season would be released around the same time of year as the first — a pattern followed by many shows, including Vikings inits first four seasons before the show’s season began being extended and split mid-season.

The first season of Knightfall premiered on December 6, 2017. That followed a casting announcement in June, 2017, with the release date being announced in September.

If History followed the same pattern for Knightfall Season 2 that would mean it would premiere in late November or early December, 2018.

Knightfall Season 2 trailer

No trailer or teasers have been released yet for a second season, but we’ll add them here if and when they are.

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