Knightfall Season 2 finale: What happened to Talus?

Talus, as he appears in Episode 1 of Knightfall Season 2
Mark Hamill stars as Talus on Knightfall. Pic credit; History Channel / José Sarmento Matos

The Season 2 finale of History Channel’s Knightfall began with a group of Knights Templars being burned alive at the stake. However, Talus (Mark Hamill) managed to swoop in and attack. As a result of this, the Templars were freed in the ensuing chaos.

Then, Talus helped a group that included the injured Rhone (Dean Ridge) when they were confronted by King Philip IV of France’s (Ed Stoppard) guards. Things looked bleak as Talus prepared to single-handedly attack the guards while Rhone’s group staggered away to safety.

So, what happened to Talus after that point?

In the lead up to the Season 2 finale of Knightfall, there had been a discussion between Talus and Landry (Tom Cullen) that saw Talus reveal that he never wanted to be captured again after his experiences after the massive Battle of Acre that played out in the Season 1 pilot episode of Knightfall.

At that point, he was held in captivity by the enemy for many years and was not planning to repeat the procedure should it occur again. This led to many fans speculating Talus would die fighting for God rather than risk being detaining once more.

Media outlets such as the Business Times were suggesting that Talus might die as a result of his bravery prior to Episode 8 airing. However, later in the Season 2 finale of Knightfall, it was revealed that Talus had somehow managed to kill all of the guards and was seen limping away.

Talus raises his sword against a threat
mark Hamill stars as Talus. Pic credit: History Channel / José Sarmento Matos

Unfortunately, he wasn’t involved in further action in the Season 2 finale of Knightfall. Even as the Templars gathered at the king’s ship as they tried to escape the city, Talus was not present. This means that there are a few possibilities.

Potentially, Talus continued to limp away from his last battle and is still inside the city. He could be hiding or injured. Either way, it is possible he is holed up and waiting for further instruction or to heal more before he attempts to leave the city.

In addition, Talus could have died after his battle with the royal guards. While this would not make fans happy to have Talus die off-screen, it is certainly a possibility considering the age of the character and the fact that he fought against a large group of guards.

Finally, Talus might have been captured. While King Philip died at the hand of Landry in the Season 2 finale of Knightfall, the potential is there that Talus could have been taken hostage by the king prior to this event.

If so, this would be a heartbreaking outcome for both Talus and the fans that adore him.

However, viewers will just have to wait and find out what happened to Talus and, considering there has been no news of whether or not Knightfall has been renewed yet, this might end with fans never finding out his fate.

As yet, no news has been released regarding Season 3 of History Channel’s Knightfall.

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