Knightfall Season 2 finale: Did Tancrede and Sister Anne survive?

Sister Anne and Tancrede, as seen in the Season 2 finale of History Channel's Knightfall
Claire Cooper as Sister Anne and Simon Merrells as Tancrede. Pic credit: History Channel / José Sarmento Matos

While the Season 2 finale of History Channel’s Knightfall concluded on a relatively clean note, there were a few loose ends. In particular, fans are wondering at the fate of Tancrede (Simon Merrells) and Sister Anne (Claire Cooper).

Episode 8 of Knightfall Season 2 saw Tancrede and Sister Anne, of whom he had a prior relationship with before they both joined religious orders, almost make in on board the royal ship.

The Knights Templar had decided that the only way to flee the city and prevent capture by King Philip IV of France (Ed Stoppard) was to try to capture the king’s ship and sail away.

While the Templars successfully killed the royal guards that were protecting the ship, Sister Anne was shot by an arrow and Tancrede rushed to her side while Landry (Tom Cullen) and his fellow Templars boarded the ship. Landry wanted to go back for Tancrede. However, the others on board held him back as they sailed away.

Tancrede, as he appears in the Season 2 finale episode of History Channel's Knightfall
Simon Merrells stars as Tancrede. Pic credit: History Channel / Bet Orten

As Tancrede was tending to Anne, he was also shot with arrows. Then, as the king finally arrived on the dock, it appeared that Tancrede bowed forward as if he were dying, something that was never confirmed for certain in the Season 2 finale of Knightfall.

As a result of this, some fans are wondering if Tancrede might still be alive.

During the scene, Tancrede received two arrows to the back and he was seen cradling Anne as she lay dying from an arrow to her chest. While it was apparent that Anne was dying, Tancrede actually appeared to be in relatively good health for someone who had been hit by arrows.

However, as the king approached, Tancrede leaned forward as if he were suddenly dying. Which means that there is the potential that Tancrede was merely pretending to die in order to protect himself.

Alternatively, he might have done it to prevent capture by the king knowing that Landry would likely return to fight Philip if this were the case.

With Tancrede’s future in the balance, it seems that fans will have to hope that Knightfall is renewed for a third season in order to find out his fate.

However, as Den of Geek points out, the ratings for Knightfall Season 2 have not been good, so fans might never know the answer to whether or not Tancrede survived his injuries sustained in the Season 2 finale.

As yet, no news has been released regarding Season 3 of History Channel’s Knightfall.

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