KJ Allen update: Where is this Last Chance U basketball player now?

Promotional still from Last Chance U: Basketball.
KJ Allen in Last Chance U: Basketball. Pic credit: Netflix

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1 shines a spotlight on East Los Angeles College (ELAC) where the cameras are following the Huskies basketball team. Head coach John Mosely works endlessly to offer support and guidance to his players as they strive to win their matches and gain the attention of major sports recruiters. 

In the first episodes of the series, it is revealed that many of the players are playing at the junior college level because they were having financial or academic difficulties. Coach Mosely expressed “somebody’s gotta give them a chance” as he spoke about the importance of getting to know his players and supporting them each equally.

He added, “They’re still learning good habits, man.”

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The series ended with discontentment as the team found their champion state-level game canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Where is KJ Allen now? 

KJ Allen has been described as a “beast” and an “absolute menace” online as fans settle in to binge-watch Last Chance U: Basketball. Throughout the series, he was shown making endless slam dunks and working hard to be a standout player.

However, he had previously struggled academically and he needed to raise his grades in order to be eligible for athletic scholarships from top schools.

After his time spent at ELAC with the Huskies, Allen has been recruited to play for University of Southern California. He shared to his Twitter account, “I like to thank all the schools who recruited me. This decision was not easy. So with that being said, I am 110% committed to the University of Southern California.” 

He added, “Go Trojans! Fight on!” 

We Are SC wrote an article about Allen’s USC commitment and shared that he will be added to the team’s 2021-2022 roster. Writer Rich Ruben shared, “One recruiting service has Allen ranked third among national juco [junior college] players in the 2021 class.”

He added, “This group along with KJ Allen will be very good defensively and on the boards and should provide at least average offense.”

Where can you find KJ Allen online?

KJ Allen is active on both Twitter and Instagram. As of now, on Twitter he has 1,378 followers and has only tweeted 22 times, despite having the account since 2019. 

Recently, Allen retweeted the trailer for Last Chance U: Basketball and added that he’s a “hooper.” 

On Instagram, the 6-foot-6 basketball player has 19 thousand followers with a total of 10 posts. His biography reads, “You miss every shot you don’t take” and he shouts out both Last Chance U: Basketball and his new affiliation with USC. 

He shared a short video of him playing basketball with the caption, “Jumping through the roof.” 

Fans were highly impressed by the post, and his Huskies performance, and many are saying that he is bound for the NBA. One called him “a pro in the making.”

Last Chance U: Basketball is now streaming on Netflix.

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