Kim Kimble in shock as sister wants out of family business on L.A. Hair

Leah breaks the news to Kim that she wants out on this week's L.A. Hair
Leah breaks the bombshell news to Kim that she wants out on this week’s L.A. Hair

Kim Kimble is left in shock on this week’s L.A. Hair — when her sister Leah reveals she wants out of the family business.

Leah has been helping out Kim at the salon while studying for a PhD in Critical Studies. Now she’s about to graduate and knows it’s time to pursue her own path.

In our exclusive clip below she breaks the news to Kim after getting her to have a face-to-face meeting in private outside of work. She tells her: “Once I’m done, I need to be on that path. I need to be utilizing that degree.

“This is a hard conversation but now we’re going to have to talk about how we phase me out of the salon.”

Kim is taken aback and admits she didn’t see the news coming. She says: “I knew that Leah was about to graduate but I always hoped that she’d want to stay in the family business. The idea of not having Leah as my partner is definitely a shock.”

Also on this week’s L.A. Hair, Leah runs to Jonathan Antin for help about leaving, and Kim styles recording artist Mýa.

She also gives Jay and Giorgio an ultimatum after their brawl, and Sheen Magazine contact Kim about doing a profile about her and her Kimpire.

L.A. Hair airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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