Kim Kimble battles Gocha in fantasy-hair showdown on L.A. Hair

A model on this week's L.A. Hair, who Kim says looks like she has a "food basket on her head"
A model on this week’s L.A. Hair, who Kim says looks like she has a “food basket on her head”

Kim Kimble battles old rival Gocha on L.A. Hair this week — in a fantasy-hair showdown.

The competition takes place at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles, and Kim tells her new stylists: “I’m going to need a couple of you to help me out with some ideas and some looks.”

She then takes on Gocha, who wants to be “cordial” with Kim and says she hopes her rival can “get her feelings out of her a**.”

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But there are worries about stylists Jay and MaCray who are left behind in the studio as The Makeup Show contest takes place.

Kim’s sister Leah says: “I’ve got some concerns.” And when Leah sends Kim a pictures of a model, the salon queen describes her hairstyle as looking like she has a “food basket on top of her head”.

Later on in this week’s episode of L.A. Hair, titled Go Big or Go-Shady, Kim does the styling for Be OK singer Chrisette Michele.

L.A. Hair airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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