Kim Kardashian visits women’s prison, sits down with inmates to discuss prison release program

Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Kim Kardashian made a visit to a California women’s prison to continue her work in prison reform

Kim Kardashian is keeping her word about prison reform. After working with the White House to secure the release of Alice Johnson, Kim visited a women’s prison and sat down with 15 inmates inside to talk to them about their experience.

On Friday, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star headed over to the California Institution for Women in Corona Friday according to TMZ. When she arrived, Kim was given a tour of the facility while flanked by bodyguards before getting down to business.

While she was there, Kim Kardashian sat down with 15 inmates at the women’s prison to talk to them about their daily routines. She also wanted to speak with the women about prison reform.

Kim got personal with the inmates, reportedly asking them about goals, dreams and how they felt about being in prison. The KUWTK star was there for many hours talking to the women and gathering information.

This is just the next step in Kim Kardashian’s prison reform plans. She reportedly plans to work on a program to help women exiting prisons so that they’ll transition back into society more easily.

In June, Kim met with President Trump and his advisors in Washington D.C. to advocate for the release of longtime inmate and grandmother Alice Johnson. The mission was a success and the first time offender was finally freed after serving more than two decades behind bars.

With Kim Kardashian’s visit to a women’s prison in California this week, it just proves that the KUWTK star wasn’t just trying to drum up press while working toward freedom for Alice Johnson. She really cares about prison reform and has put a lot of time and energy into helping fix the system.

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