Kim Kardashian to replace Vanna White? The reality TV star is ‘at the top of the list’

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Would Kim make a good game show co-host? Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia/Carrie-nelson

Is Kim Kardashian ready to trade in reality TV for game show fame?

The reality TV megastar may be next in line to turn letters on the popular weeknight game show, Wheel of Fortune.

Vanna White is staying on Wheel of Fortune a little bit longer after negotiating her contract with Sony Pictures Television.

Following her longtime co-host Pat Sajak’s recent retirement, Vanna’s career was uncertain.

Vanna admittedly considered retiring alongside Pat but instead opted to stay in the spotlight and continue to turn the letters on stage.

With the news that Ryan Seacrest was replacing Pat Sajak, rumors swirled that Vanna wasn’t happy about her new co-worker.

But Vanna only committed to film through 2025, so if things are too tense between her and Ryan, she only has to stick it out for one year.

In the meantime, if Vanna decides to retire earlier than planned, Wheel of Fortune executives will be scrambling to find someone to replace the illustrious television legend.

But according to a Wheel of Fortune source, they already have someone lined up.

Kim Kardashian is first in line to become Vanna White’s successor

An insider spoke with Life & Style and revealed that Kim Kardashian is being considered as Vanna’s fill-in, and apparently, she’s number one in line.

“They’ve compiled a list of folks to replace Vanna, and Kim Kardashian is at the top,” the tipster shared.

One advantage Kim would have working alongside Ryan Seacrest is that she’s already good friends with the iconic television personality.

In fact, Ryan was an executive producer for Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!.

“Kim is a very close friend of Ryan’s and would bring a whole new audience,” the source continued.

Apparently, Ryan wants to revamp Wheel of Fortune and, with his presence, cater to a younger audience, and Kim would complement that.

“Ryan wants to make the show younger and sexier. He’s responsible for the Kardashian reality show and believes in that family more than anyone!” the insider added.

Rumors are swirling that Vanna doesn’t get along with Ryan Seacrest

The source added that although Vanna was looking forward to working with Ryan, the duo has “zero chemistry and no vibe.”

Word on the street is that Vanna and Ryan are butting heads at Sony Pictures Studios.

Despite all of the chitchat online that Vanna and Ryan have been at each other’s throats, the 67-year-old Wheel of Fortune star set the record straight this week in an Instagram post featuring herself and Ryan.

In the upload, the pair posed for a photo at the dinner table.

In the accompanying caption, Vanna wrote, “Friends on and off camera. Enjoying one of our favorites, Chicken and Dumplings!”

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