Killjoys recap: Heists, mouthy hackers and hidden treasures in Season 3 premiere

Close-up of Dutch's face in the Killjoys Season 3 premiere
Dutch dispatches her Hollen tormentor with a fantastic line: “We sure as s*** don’t like to lose.”

Killjoys has made a welcome return to Syfy — and as always it started with a bang.

As you’ll all remember, last season ended with Johnny going off with Clara in order to escape the RAC authorities after killing Delle Seyah.

Season 3 picks up a little after this and Johnny has lost Clara, but is looking for her.

Hollen base

The story kicks off on a planet on which Dutch, D’Avin and the team have located a Hollen base.

For those new to the series, the Hollen are human beings that have been infected with a fungus known as the source.

This renders them as very hard to kill, but thanks to a poison created by the late Khylen it is now possible.

Dutch and the team manage to overcome the base security only to find it deserted accept for one Hollen, which they dispatch as soon as they have gotten information from him, which doesn’t amount to much.

Armed with very little knowledge, Dutch and the team head back to old town to regroup.

Dutch fakes surrender as part of a well-executed heist

In search of Clara

Elsewhere, Johnny is searching for Clara to help with her plan to take down the factory.

While searching he runs into trouble, but is saved by another modified human called Orla who happens to be wearing Clara’s modded arm, which is called Alice.

When Johnny comes to he manages to talk Orla into going with him, given that the modded arm Alice will help him track Clara.

A cunning plan

Back in Westerly Dutch and D’Avin hatch a plan to retrieve a transponder, but in order to do it they need the services of a hacker.

To that end they hatch a plot to kidnap Pippin, a hacker who has no affiliation with the RAK, but has a reputation for having very loose lips which, as we well know, sink ships.

Having snatched Pippin, Dutch and D’Avin persuade him to help them broker a deal for a transponder with a black market dealer. It is of great import that they beat the Hollen to this transponder.

Pippin manages to do the hack and broker the deal for Dutch.

Pippin agrees to help D’Avin and Dutch with their plans.

Entering Rap city

Elsewhere, Johnny and his new friend Orla have entered Rap town and have an unproductive meeting with an old friend of Clara’s who seems to be very scared.

As they leave the bar, Johnny bumps into one of the many modded humans in the place and blows his cover.

In order to save his butt, Orla suggest that they give Johnny a modification so that he can pass in and out of Rap city without fear of further offending the modified humans.

Johnny and Orla enter Rap Town.

While in Rap town, we learn that the various modified humans all have jobs.

Those wearing finger modifications like the one Johnny gets are responsible for intelligence gathering and surveillance while others with hands or weapons are the enforcers.

While getting his modification done Johnny, with some help from Orla, manages to set up a meeting with someone who may know where Clara has been taken.

We sure as s*** don’t like to lose

Dutch, D’Avin, Pippin and Fancy, having managed to get the transponder, get captured by a RAK security.

This particular part of the security force is run by the Hollen and, as such, the team are taken to a Hollen facility.

Everyone gets interrogated by the head of the Hollen facility, but she doesn’t manage to obtain any useful information from any of them.

Now it is Dutch’s turn to face the woman.

Dutch faces her Hollen interrogator

While Dutch is being questioned, the rest of the team are using various hidden tools to break out of their cell and help take down the base.

Dutch, when she realises her friends are free, takes on her interrogator in a brutal fight and ultimately wins.

As she finishes the women off with poison she takes a sample of her blood and says something to the effect of: “We may be only human, but we sure as s*** don’t like to lose.”

Dutch and her team of Killjoys has well and truly declared war on the Hollen and will use the blood sample they have gathered to take down other sources of the Hollen fungus in other star systems.

Johnny’s meeting goes wrong

Having set the meeting to get information to find Clara, Johnny sets out to meet the contact while Orla monitors from a nearby building.

Johnny is lured away from the meeting when he sees a runner and gives chase.

While this is happening Orla is attacked by another modified being who warns her to stop looking for Clara. He leaves her for dead.

After having failed to catch up with the runner, Johnny returns to find Orla unconscious and fading fast. He picks her body up and carries her in his arms to find help.

37 Hollen Ships

Having returned to their base of operations, Dutch views a message from Johnny and replays it a few times.

But when she learns that there are 37 Hollen ships hidden via a cloak, the mystery deepens.

D’Avin, whose unique DNA rejected the Hollen source fungus during Season 2, explores one of these ships and the episode closes as he takes off in one of them.

The 37 abandoned Hollen ships, which bring forth a new mystery in the war effort


Killjoys Season 3 Episode 1: Final thoughts

With the Killjoys on a war footing, it looks like things are going to get interesting as the series progresses, but there are still a few things to ponder such as:

— Where is Clara and who took her and for what?

— When will we see Dutch face off against the leader of the Hollen, Aneela?

— Do the Killjoys have enough poison on them to gather enough of the Hollen blood to shut off all the sources that are making the Hollen?

— How will Dutch and her team stay ahead of the RAK, given that much of what they are now doing is all unofficial and off the books?

Killjoys airs every Friday at 8/7c on Syfy. 

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