Kids get ripped in TLC’s Baby Bodybuilders

Cap Ice flexing his muscles.
Cap Ice, one of the children on Baby Bodybuilders tonight on TLC, flexes his muscles

Brace yourselves for Baby Bodybuilders on TLC tonight — as the network lifts the lid on the world of competitive pre-teen bodybuilding.

The show follows three families whose kids live pumping iron day and night, all with the goal of getting that perfect body.

Pre-teen bodybuilding has been controversial in the past, with some people claiming it is unhealthy or even dangerous to have children train so hard while they were still growing.

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However, advocates say that it is all about fitness and teaching kids discipline and making exercise fun at an early age.

Gage about to deadlift a heavy weight.
Gage, who also features on Baby Bodybuilders tonight, about to deadlift a heavy weight

So for instance in the old clip below (not from the show), we can see Baby Bodybuilders stars Sanali & Ethan Ricardo performing a fitness/gymnastic routine at the INBA/PNBA Bodybuilding competition in Atlantic City.

Their dad, Philip Ricardo Jr. is a retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant and a legendary pro in the circuit. Having won many natural bodybuilding competitions, he has a strong drug-free strength message.

Sanali tensing her biceps as she shows off her muscles
Sanali tensing her biceps as she shows off her muscles

Another family being followed by Baby Bodybuilders are the Ice family with dad Bobby and his sons Cap and Bo both competing in events.

Bobby encourages the boys to exercise every day saying on a video posted on YouTube “my boys are machines”. He also reveals the boys do five sets of 100 crunches a day and 200 pushups.

Various pre-teen bodybuilding competitions are held throughout the USA and all over the world. Often the parents compete themselves, or used to, and want their kids to carry the torch.

Watchy Baby Bodybuilders tonight at 9pm on TLC.

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