Kid Tycoons: Where the moms and dads work for their children

Honestly Margo
Margo’s company is a huge success — but she’s only 14 years old

Kid Tycoons on TLC follows three families where the kids are the entrepreneurs and their parents work for them!

These kids might not be able to drive a car or buy a beer but they are raking in thousands and their parents are putting their faith and finances in the hands of their children.

Margo's mom wokrs for her
Margo with her mom, who works for her — but doesn’t always find it easy

First up is 14-year-old Margo Gianos who is head Honestly Margo, one of the fastest-growing lip balm company in the U.S.

Her mum works for her but admits that having her daughter as the boss is challenging at times.

Zak is CEO of Grom
Zach is CEO of Grom Social, a safe social network for kids

Next up is Zach Marks who is CEO of a tech startup called Grom Social and only 15 years old. The company is valued at around $50 million and his family moved thousands of miles and invested a fortune in his idea.

The whole family moved to the other side of the country for Grom
The whole family moved to the other side of the country for Grom Social

Zach’s dad works for him and also sometimes finds it is a bit tricky, though he seems to be pretty clued up about the business.

Gabrielle creates jewellery through Jewelz of Jordan

The final young tycoon is Gabrielle Jordan, who runs a jewellery company called Jewelz of Jordan that targets prestigious 5th Avenue clientele.

Like the other kid tycoons, she also employs family members including her mom.

One thing all these kids have in common is very supportive parents. Most of those featured have sold houses, raided savings accounts and more or less sacrificed everything to support their children’s business dreams.

Watch Kid Tycoons tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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