Kevin Kilner, Zak Steiner, and Lisa LoCicero: Who were the NCIS guest stars?

NCIS Guest Stars
Zak Steiner as Richard “Ricky” Devol and Lisa LoCicero as Elena Devol on the new episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast was joined by a number of guest stars for the latest episode of the show. Kevin Kilner, Zak Steiner, and Lisa LoCicero were just a few of the ones who appeared on No Vacancy Tuesday night.

The episode itself had the NCIS team investigating the murder of a marine. In the process, they discovered a labyrinth of live-streaming spy cameras that had been hidden in the rooms of a Virginia motel.

Most of the regular NCIS cast members appeared in the episode, including Mark Harmon as Gibbs, Sean Murray as McGee, Emily Wickersham as Bishop, and Wilmer Valderrama as Torres.

The guest stars were quite noticeable as well.

Kevin Kilner, Zak Steiner, and Lisa LoCicero on NCIS

Actor Kevin Kilner played Patrick Norian, the former NSA boss of someone that the NCIS team finds murdered during the episode. Norian had been blackmailing the man, but it was later revealed that U.S. Congressman for Virginia Eric Riley (played by Aaron Crayen) had worked to frame Norian for murder.

Past roles for Kilner include appearing on the TV series Almost Perfect as Mike Ryan and as Larry Sawyer on a season of One Tree Hill. Kilner also played the dad in Home Alone 3.

Soap star Lisa LoCicero played the role of Elena Devol. She has appeared in more than 700 episodes of General Hospital as Olivia. Now, she turned out to be the person that Torres was dating on NCIS. It’s a twist, as she is much older than him.

Elena’s son on the show is Marine Staff Sergeant Richard “Ricky” Devol, played by actor Zak Steiner during the episode. Steiner has guest-starred on a number of shows, including Euphoria, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Jessica Jones.

The episode turns a bit comedic when a dinner date between Torres and his girlfriend Elena is joined by Bishop and Ricky, who had agreed to go on a date. Torres pokes fun at Bishop for dating someone so young, while Bishop returns it in kind by making fun of him for dating someone so much older.

NCIS will return with two more new episodes to finish out the month of November.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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